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And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.


Emilia Clarke


I want to watch Game of Thrones but I also want to sleep. Do you see my problem

This is once again relevant and I am still on the same episode…


anonymous asked - newt or tommy?

“They had chosen him to rule. The Wall was his, and their lives were his as well. A lord may love the men that he commands, he could hear his lord father saying, but he cannot be a friend to them. One day he may need to sit in judgement on them, or send them forth to die.


On November 2nd, 1983, don’t get out of bed. No matter what you hear or what you see, promise me you won’t get out of bed.

May I tell you a secret? You’re not a golden lion. 


❀Since I’ve hit my next hundred I’ve decided to do tumblr awards!❀


  • mbf this sexy lady (Pssst, it’s me)
  • Must R E B L O G the post!  Likes don’t count!
  • Must get at least 30 notes or I’ll cry I’ll delete the post
  • Runs until May 20th (So all my IB exams will be out of the way)

Awards Include:

  • Best url
  • Best theme
  • Best creations (visual)
  • Best creations (writing)
  • Nicest blogger (the bby cake award)
  • Best overall blog
  • Best SPN
  • Best multi-fandom
  • Best NSFW
  • Underrated superstar (message me if you have under 500 followers)

Winners get:

  • A place in my updates tab until my next TA (Which might be never so y’know)
  • Solo promos whenever
  • An art and/or fic request from me.
  • A follow back from moi!

Runners up get:

  • A place in my updates tab (same time rules as for winners)
  • A couple of solo promos on request
  • A follow back

☛If you have any questions do please ask!

he’s strong. he’s fast. had a metal arm.

I’ve really learned you don’t have to fit in. No matter where you go, you’re always going to be you and if they don’t like you for who you are, then what’s the point of being someone else?


A girl who runs with wolves can’t be tamed

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.